Vice President

I’ve been with RSG since 1993

Certifications: Virginia Certified Horticulturist (VCH), NCMA, ICPI
Associate Degree Agriculture Technology ~ Emphasis of Landscape Design & Turf Management (VA Tech)

Role: I over-see operations with special emphasis on Landscape & Irrigation Divisions

What facets of your job do you enjoy the most? The interaction with the different customers from all over the state.

How does RSG’s priority on Safety impact you and your customer? By knowing if I follow the rules & guidelines listed in our employee Safety Manual, that I will go back home in the same condition as I left.  For our customers, they can rest easy knowing that we have a strong safety culture and will do whatever is necessary to minimize any accidents so they don’t have to worry about someone being injured on their property.

Why do customers choose RSG? They know by calling us we will do whatever we can to get the project done quickly and correctly, all the while being SAFE and efficient.

What do you take the most pride in regarding working for RSG? Knowing that this company will do whatever it takes to make the customer 100% satisfied.

What do you take the most pride in regarding working with customers? Seeing their expressions after we have completed our work.

Hobbies: Family time, watching my kids play sports, hunting, and fishing.