Started company in 1989

Certifications: Certified Landscape Planner, Virginia Certified Horticulturist, Responsible Land Disturber, Certified Pesticide and Fertilization Technician

Role: I work to insure future sustainability of the company by leading and teaching our Supervisors our goals and values. I also manage supervision of estimating, seeding and erosion control crews, and oversee all aspects of the organization to ensure operations are running smoothly.

How do we go about ensuring customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is our lively hood. We are not perfect, but we are humble enough to admit our mistakes and correct them in a timely and urgent manner.  We as a team will work together to fix and then go above and beyond to meet the customer’s needs so that they can see this company stands behind its word.

How does RSG’s priority on Safety impact you and your customer?  Safety is the glue and sustainability of this company.  If we as a company are not safe, then we will not survive.  We have to ensure that our employees come to work everyday and go home everyday to their families.  This is 1st and foremost in our culture here at RSG.  We have to also make sure our clients are protected from any accidents or problems so that we will continue to be their partner.  Our dedication to SAFETY is what I am the most proud of with this company.

What do you personally do to ensure that RSG goes above and beyond to keep our customers? We have several systems in place to ensure customer satisfaction:  We have satisfaction survey cards we send to the customer at completion of the job, we have an online survey for customers to use to give us feedback, but mostly we contact our customers monthly, daily, or at an interval that work for them and their schedule.  We stop by to ensure we are working beyond their standards and to keep the lines of communication open at all times.  If we do not listen to what our customers have to say, we cannot satisfy their needs.  We learn what our customers like, what they are interested in, their families, and their wellness.

Hobbies:   When I am not at work I enjoy doing things with my family, working on my farm, and being outside.