Landscape Operation Manager

Been with RSG since 1996

Certifications: Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association, National Concrete Masonry Association, Interlocking Concrete Pavers Institute, First Aid, CPR, CDL Class A, Commercial Pesticide Applicator, Vista Lighting Applicator Certification, Allan Block wall Installer, Versa Lok wall installer, Live Roof Installer, Erosion and Sediment, OSHA certification, VDOT Intermediate Work Zone Traffic Control, VDOT flaggers license, Fertilizer application, Responsible Land Disturber, Fork Lift training

Education: Associate Degree in Agriculture Technology Landscape and Turf Management from Virginia Tech

Role: I meet with the customers or clients and go over the work to be done, scheduling the work, materials ordering, managing and supervising the manpower of the work being done, quoting jobs, inspections of new and completed jobs, equipment ordering, and attend job construction meetings.

How do we go about ensuring customer satisfaction? We here at RSG have always gone that extra mile if the customer is not satisfied with something that we have done.  If the customer is unhappy with our product we drop whatever else that might be going and immediately go back to the unsatisfied customer to make things right. 

How does RSG’s priority on Safety impact you and your customer? RSG safety program impacts me and my coworkers for the simple fact we all have families or someone to go home to and if we don’t strive to be safe or take shortcuts on our safety, we could jeopardize our and our families futures.  Our safety impacts our customers because most people want to know or see that you take and train safety precautions for tasks that we do in the Landscape field so they won’t have any liability issues while on their property, jobsite, estate etc.  With our safety program it has taught and trained everyone to be more aware of dangerous situations that can potentially be very costly for our company and our customers. 

Why do customers choose RSG? I feel they choose RSG because they know they will get a great looking product in a speedy timeframe.  Many companies can’t handle the volume of work that RSG can do in a short time frame.   

Hobbies: I like to spend time with my family, fish, hunt, and watch sports. I also enjoy coaching both of my son’s baseball teams.